Byzantine Empire

The Orthodox Christian Medieval East Roman Empire of Hellenistic Culture and Greek Language

Photo Byzantina, 330-1461

Interior of St Apollinare in Ravenna, built by Byzantine emperor Justinian the Great in commemoration of Ravenna's first bishop, St Apollinaris  

 A city of Byzantium/Constantinopolis/Constantinople/Carigrad


 Aqueduct in Constantinople


 Bucoleon  Palace or Great Imperial Palace in Constantinopolis


 Sea Wall of Constantinople


 Church of Christ Pantocrator in Constantinople



  Cisterns in Constantinopolis


 Mosaic of Constantine the Great in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople


 Constantinople in the Church of St. Servaes in Maastricht



  Cathedral Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (today is a museum)


Church of Hagia Sophia in Nicaea


 Hippodromos in Constantinopolis


 Holly Fathers of Nicaea with "Nicaean Creed"



  Land Walls of Constantinople


 The Marble Tower in Constantinople





Theodosius the Great at the column in Constantinople


Valens Aqueduct in Constantinople


Emperor Valens, 364-378


Video Byzantina, 330-1461



History Channel about Byzantine Empire


Short History of Byzantine Empire


 History of the Byzantine Empire, Culture & Civilization


 Cathedral church Hagia Sophia in Constantinople - 3D


 Hagia Sophia in Constantinople - the first Christian cathedral


 Early Christian art in the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople


Byzantine visitors

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